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Vegan hemp seed pesto
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Hemp: The Ultimate Superfood

What if you could add a single, delicious, ingredient to your baked product that would dramatically boost nutritional values, help the environment and satisfy skyrocketing consumer demand? Hemp is that superfood ingredient. 

Hemp leaves
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#HEMP is Trending

After seven decades of prohibition, the world’s oldest industrial crop - hemp - is back in the mainstream, thanks to today’s trends toward sustainability, natural medicine, and plant-based protein.

hemp leaf
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The Second Coming of the New Billion Dollar Crop

The Second Coming of the New Billion Dollar Crop Hemp has been cultivated for millennia with carbon tests dating hemp back to 8,000 BC.

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Hemp Vs Marijuana

Hemp Vs Marijuana Cannabis Distinguishing between Hemp and Marijuana can be confusing at first. Why? Because they are both from the Cannabis family.

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