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Fact or Fiction: Navigating the Truths and Myths of CBD and Cannabinoids

CBD and cannabinoids are everywhere these days. You hear about them in the news, see them on social media, and maybe even talk about them with friends.

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Seriously Cool Hemp Uses That Our Customers Are Crafting Up

 Are you a hemp enthusiast?  If so, then we’re even more excited to tell you all about the innovative ways our customers are using our hemp and hemp extracts to make…

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How Hemp is Becoming Western Canada’s New Canola

What if there were a crop with even greater potential than canola? That crop is hemp, and farmers should be preparing themselves now for the future of hemp farming by utilizing Blue Sky Hemp Ventures' expertise in hemp genetics to maximize profits. Let’s take a look at why hemp may be set to become the new canola. 


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12 Days of Hempmas: 12 Hopeful Hemp Uses to Feel Merry About

Hemp is a remarkable plant, with many extraordinary applications.

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Blue Sky Launches Omega-Rich, Refined Hemp Seed Oil for Mainstream Adoption - At Last!

November 3, 2022:  Blue Sky Hemp Ventures launches North America’s first commercially viable refined hemp seed oil following the products’ recent GSFI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and Kosher accreditations.

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Delta 8 THC Extracts In Canada: What Canadian LPs Need to Know

In recent years, delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-8-THC) in Canada has risen in popularity among consumers.

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