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Why Hemp Seed Oil is a Perfect Carrier Oil

 In this article, we will explore carrier oils as they pertain to the cannabis sector, the benefits they offer when compared to other oils and why hemp seed oil may just be the best oil when considering all of the factors that matter to consumers and to Licensed  Producers alike.

Hemp Oil for Hair
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12 Incredible Uses for Hemp Seed Oil

What if there was a natural product that was so versatile that you could eat it raw to boost digestive health, heart health, brain health, reduce inflammation and improve chronic…

RFL Hemp Rope
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Taking Stalk of Hemp Fibre

Driven by the world’s need for more sustainable industrial products, and by the benefits provided by this planet-friendly, steel-strong, bio-degradable, anti-microbial, absorbent super material - we believe that hemp fibre…

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In 2022, Let's Resolve to Eat More Hemp

New Year, New You?  Whether you’ve resolved to eat plant-based, vegetarian, flexitarian, Mediterranean, keto, paleo, or just a little healthier - hemp might just be the answer (or at least part of the solution.) See our top 6 hemp recipes to get you started on a hempier, healthier 2022. 

Hemp ANd Gingger Cookie
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Christmas Ginger Hemp Cookies

Like puppies, Ginger and Hemp Cookies aren't just for Christmas - but they are great at Christmas.

Hemp Nut Stuffing 1
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Thanksgiving Hemp Recipe Round Up

Looking for festive new ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. . . and hemp? Well, you've come to the right place.

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