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Will Sourcing CBG Be Bigger Than CBD?

Knowing where to source CBG may soon become more valuable to product manufacturers than knowing where to source CBD. The recent recommendations from Canada’s Science Advisory Committee on Health Products Containing Cannabis are expected to open a wave of opportunities for wholesale CBG, CBD, and other minor cannabinoids.


Read the full review: Review of cannabidiol: Report of the Science Advisory Committee on Health Products Containing Cannabis


The 9 person committee, made of doctors, scientists, and researchers, unanimously agreed in  recommending to Health Canada that “CBD is safe and tolerable for short-term use (a maximum of 30 days) at doses from 20 milligrams per day to a maximum dose of 200 mg/day.”


It is now up to Health Canada to decide if any changes should be made to laws on CBD and other cannabinoids for consumers. We already have a full-scale CBG distribution process in place for licensed producers. Once CBG, CBD, and other cannabinoids can be sold with fewer restrictions, we will continue to rise as a leader in wholesale CBG sales, as well as sourcing CBG. estimates the U.S. market for minor cannabinoids—including cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabinol (CBN), tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) and cannabigerolic acid (CBGA)—will reach $26.2 billion by 2028, exploding at a CAGR of 20.1% form 2021-2028.  


“In Canada, we expect to gain a large share of this market as minor cannabinoids like CBG gain credibility and rise in adoption for a range of health applications by larger pharmaceutical, supplements, and cosmetics companies targeting a more mainstream audience”, says Luke Deering, VP of Extracts at Blue Sky Hemp Ventures. 


“Canadian LP’s, like Blue Sky, are particularly well positioned to service the  bigger players because we’re already highly experienced at working  within a very regulated market and have a much higher bar to cross in terms of quality and consistency from our neighbors to the south”, adds Deering.


Is CBG Legal in Canada?


CBG is legal in Canada. Sales of CBG isolate, CBG distillate, or custom blends of cannabinoids containing CBG are currently restricted to licensed retailers only. CBG regulations in Canada are the same as CBD regulations in Canada. This is why the committee recommendation is so monumental for the Canadian cannabinoid market.


CBD and other cannabinoids like CBG are one step closer to being sold as natural health products in grocery stores and other retail outlets. When this happens, Blue Sky Hemp Ventures is already positioned to be a leader in CBG distribution.


Until then, we are now able to supply Canadian licensed producers with CBG, among a growing stable of minor cannabinoid extractions and custom blends.


What is CBG?


CBG stands for cannabigerol. It is one of many different minor cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants.


What’s the Difference Between CBD and CBG?


CBD stands for cannabidiol. Over 100 different cannabinoids have been discovered so far, and CBD and CBG are two of them. They are both cannabinoids, and they differ in shape at a molecular level.


As cannabinoids, they both interact with our natural endocannabinoid system. The effects of CBG are similar to the effects of CBD. However, the effects of CBG are slightly different.


Will CBG Get You High?


Like CBD, CBG is non-intoxicating, meaning it won’t get you high.


What Are the Effects of CBG?


As with anything you consume, the effects of CBG can differ slightly from person to person. At the same time, there is research on CBG that suggests multiple benefits of CBG.


Top 6 Health Benefits of CBG Backed By Research


You probably already know about all the benefits of CBD, but the unique benefits of CBG are what make it a contender for dominating the market for wholesale minor cannabinoids. 


1. CBG May Increase Appetite


An interesting benefit of CBG is its effect on appetite. One study tested the appetite stimulation effects of CBG by comparing it against a placebo group. The research concluded, “CBG more than doubled total food intake and increased the number of meals consumed”. This makes CBG a great potential supplement for supporting a healthy appetite.


2.CBG May Improve Depression


Depression is a widespread concern for many people, and CBG may be able to help. Research on CBG, published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, concluded: “that cannabigerol is a potent α2-adrenoceptor agonist”. Alpha-2 adrenergic receptor agonists are a type of substance already used in multiple clinical applications. They are used to treat common medical conditions, including depression, and researchers stated that “cannabigerol may have therapeutic potential as an antidepressant”.


3. CBG May Support Eye Health


For those of us concerned with eye health, CBG may offer a solution. Numerous studies on cannabinoids and intraocular pressure (IOP) already exist. A scientific review was completed examining available research on cannabinoids and eye health. Researchers noted in the review that, “numerous studies have been conducted confirming that different cannabinoids, including cannabidiol, cannabigerol… can reduce the IOP when administered systemically and topically”. 


4. CBG May Help with IBD and Other Inflammatory Issues


The effects of CBG on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) were put to the test by scientists in Italy. IBD affects millions of people around the world, and there is no cure. In the CBG and IBD research, CBG was found to be effective in all three testing parameters. The final conclusion of the findings is a recommendation that “CBG could be considered for clinical experimentation in IBD patients”.


5. CBG May Help Treat Obesity and Other Metabolic Disorders


Obesity is a problem in many places around the world. Those struggling with weight issues may benefit from CBG. New research discovered that CBG and CBGA can both “modulate lipid metabolism”. This means that CBG and CBGA are both possible options for supporting healthy metabolic processes and maintaining a healthy weight. We cover the differences between CBGA and CBG a little further below.


6.CBG May be Stronger Than THC at Relieving Pain


Another reason CBG may overtake CBD as the most major minor cannabinoid is how well it works at relieving pain. A scientific review of research on various cannabinoids for pain noted several important facts about CBG. Research shows that “cannabigerol (CBG) displays a sub-micromolar affinity for CB1 and CB2. It also exhibits GABA uptake inhibition to a greater extent than THC or CBD, suggesting possible utilization as a muscle relaxant in spasticity. Furthermore, CBG has more potent analgesic, anti-erythema and lipooxygenase blocking activity than THC”. All of that boils down to CBG being more powerful at relieving pain than THC.


Listing the benefits of CBG could go on and on. The benefits listed above are just a few that researchers have discovered so far. As research on CBG grows, more benefits may present themselves. For now, some other potential health benefits of CBG include;


  • Slows development of Huntington’s disease
  • Inhibits the growth of cancer cells
  • Antibacterial
  • Decreases intoxicating effects of THC
  • Neuroprotective




Wait, what is CBGA? You may have seen it on a label and wondered what the difference is between CBGA and CBG. The only difference between the two is that CBGA is the acidic form of CBG. CBGA stands for cannabigerolic-acid, and CBG first forms as CBGA.


CBGA is converted into CBG through decarboxylation, which is a heat process. CBGA in hemp flower, for example, can be converted to CBG when heated by smoking. CBG can also be converted from CBGA during extraction techniques that involve higher temperatures.


What is CBG Isolate?


A CBG isolate is CBG in its purest form. CBG isolates have all other cannabinoids and phytonutrients removed. This leaves behind a pure CBG extract. Blue Sky CBG isolate is a white pure powder almost exclusively composed of 98% pure CBG.


Pros of CBG Isolate


  • No other cannabinoids
  • No other phytonutrients
  • The purest form of CBG


Cons of CBG Isolate


  • No other cannabinoids
  • No other phytonutrients


What is CBG Distillate?


Distillate forms of CBG are created by using a distillation process. Cannabinoid distillates are popular because the distillation process removes the smell and flavor of the extract. This makes CBG distillates perfect for infusing into other products, foods, or beverages because it doesn’t alter the taste of the product. CBG distillation produces some of the highest-quality CBG extracts. The extra step of distilling CBG can make CBG distillate cost a little more than other extract types. However, it’s easy to bring those costs down by purchasing wholesale CBG.


Pros of CBG Distillate


  • Super high potency
  • Odorless
  • Flavorless


Cons of CBG Distillate


  • Longer extraction process
  • Costs slightly more


Where To Get Wholesale CBG?


Blue Sky Hemp Ventures is proud to be one of the first licensed producers in Canada to offer CBG extracts and a range of custom blends for the licensed wholesale market. As one of the very few Canadian licensed producers currently processing minor cannabinoids at scale, we can offer custom blends, as well as white and private label options for CBG.


Where Is Blue Sky Sourcing CBG?


Like all Blue Sky extracts, our CBG extracts are sourced from our own sustainably farmed, sun-grown,  industrial hemp. Our CBG extracts start from plants that are grown, cultivated, processed, and extracted by Blue Sky before being 3rd party tested for potency and purity.


Our whole plant utilization approach is leading the way in providing the highest-quality CBG extracts, CBG isolates, and CBG distillates. 


Now you know all the facts about cannabigerol, the future of minor cannabinoids in Canada, and what it means for Canadian CBG distribution. If you have any questions about sourcing CBG, CBD, other minor cannabinoids, or customer cannabinoid blends please contact us today.

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