Future Hemp Trends Report

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How health, sustainability, innovation and economics are changing the prospects for hemp.

Our Hemp Food Trends Report is your guide to the “whats,” the “whys,” and, perhaps most importantly, the “why nows” for hemp. We will explore the three overarching macro trends that are working towards making hemp affordable, accessible, and in demand as they relate to the growing demand for sustainable products, food as medicine, and the shifting economics of hemp.


We will explore hemp food trends and market drivers, and finally, we will explore our top ten hemp food trends and predictions for the coming year(s). Including:

  • The Continued Growth in “Free-from” Protein Beverages
  • The Pet Food Opportunity
  • Keto-ish: Low-Carb and Nutrient-Dense is Here to Stay
  • A Need for Plant-based Rather than Fish-based Omegas
  • Nut-Free Spreads
  • Better for You, Better for the Planet Oils
  • Lower Carb Gluten-Free Flour: Hemp Flour
  • Adding Fibre for Gut and Digestive Health
  • Plant-based “Dairy”: Hemp as a Dairy Replacement
  • Cleaner, More Natural Plant-based Meat Substitutes 


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