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Wholesale CBD Oil

(Crude Oil, Isolates and Distillate)

We supply Licensed Producers (LP's) with low-cost, high-quality hemp-derived wholesale CBD oil available in crude oil, distillate and isolate. While agricultural hemp-derived CBD offers all of the same health benefits of those found in the cannabis plant - it is non-psychoactive - containing only trace amounts of THC.

Blue Sky recently completed construction on its state-of-the-art CBD oil extraction facility in Saskatoon and has secured its Cannabis Production Licence to cultivate and process hemp-derived CBD.  

Hemp Derived-CBD Oil at a Glance

  • CBD isolation, also known as crystallization, is the same whether derived from hemp or cannabis.
  • CBD oil and hemp oil come from different parts of the cannabis plant. CBD oil uses the whole plant, while hemp oil comes from its seeds.
  • CBD is safe in food, dietary supplements, and beverages.
  • It has been established that hemp-derived CBD contains only negligible amounts of THC.

The Blue Sky Difference

  • Canada First:  Blue Sky will be the first in Canada to design and implement an end-to-end system specifically designed to bridge the gap between broad-acreage farming and CBD extraction from industrial hemp.
  • Whole Plant Utilization: By using the whole plant for food and fibre, we’re able to deliver a lower-cost off-take, whilst still meeting the highest quality standards.
  • Quality Guarantee: Blue Sky CBD production adheres to HACCP, GMP, and Primus GSF as well as Health Canada’s GMP requirements.
  • Ag Tech for Seed-to-Sale Traceability: Our use of FieldAlytics precision agriculture software ensures we plant the right varietals in the right soils and minimizes any risks of pesticides or other soil contaminants. This also enables us to provide full traceability down to a few acres of land (most of our competitors can provide traceability only to a farm-level (typically 640 acres).  

  • Low-Cost, High-Quality CBD Oil: The combination of using FieldAlytics for full product traceability, our RFL operation to prepare biomass for efficient extraction and our CBD extraction facility designed specifically for our RFL biomass, allow Blue Sky to provide leading LP’s the lowest cost and highest quality hemp-derived extracts. 



Crude oil, isolate, distillate


Early trials and user experience suggest that CBD oil may offer a range of health benefits in dealing with anxiety, depression, inflammation, acne, sleep disorders, heart disease, and pain management.


HACCP, GMP, Pharma Grade